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Precautions For Selecting Vibration Screening Equipment Such As Rotating Vibrating Screen
- Feb 09, 2018 -

1.Screened material physical properties

Including the particle size of the material composition, humidity, clay content and particle shape, proportion and so on. When the material content of large particles, the screening machine productivity is also large. When the humidity of the material is larger, the screening efficiency will generally be reduced. However, the larger the size of the sieve, the smaller the impact of moisture, so for moisture-containing larger wet materials, in order to improve the screening process, generally can be used to increase the sieve approach, or the use of wet screening.

2. Select the screen to note that the number of mesh items and mesh size to select the size.

For general materials, the gyratory sieve productivity and screening efficiency depends on the sieve size. Productivity depends on the screen width, screen width and high productivity. The general aspect ratio of 2. The greater the effective screen area (ie, the ratio of mesh area to the entire screen area), the higher the unit area productivity and screen efficiency of the screen surface. The larger the sieve size, the greater the productivity of the unit screen surface, the higher the screening efficiency.

3. The impact of production conditions When the rotary vibration sieve load is large, the screening efficiency is low.

4. How much production needs to be achieved per day, or a month, etc., to facilitate the company's technical staff to give you some professional advice, such as the choice of size gyratory sieve, mesh mesh, etc. Or use a linear shaker or ultrasonic Shaker and so on.

Rotary vibrating sieve mesh is generally used for braided mesh, according to their material can be divided into 201 ordinary stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 304L stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel. Because of its acid and alkali corrosion-resistant, so widely used. The following application of these materials screen to explain.

201 stainless steel for general materials enough. 304 stainless steel sieve mesh material better than 201, the acid-base corrosion of the material better. 304L-type screen material is mainly used in the food industry, the wider application of the food industry, with high acid and alkali corrosion-resistant properties.

The 316 and 316L stainless steel mesh is suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, can effectively reduce the pollution of metal materials on drugs, and has high corrosion resistance to acid and alkali properties. Therefore, users in the choice of vibrating screen, please indicate the application of the industry or the required screening materials, or specify the vibration sieve to choose the screen. So how to choose the right mesh according to the characteristics of the material.

1. According to the requirements of the industry to determine the screen standards;

2. According to the need to screen the material to determine the screen wire diameter and aperture; For example: your goal is to purify impurities, then you should most is based on model and material properties of the screen to choose the wire diameter and aperture.

3. Mesh mesh accurately represent only a specific screening of the effective screen area, if you require high screening accuracy, it is necessary to allow suppliers to provide detailed standards to confirm the screen aperture.

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