Metallurgical Tumbler Screen

  • Alloy Tumbler Screen

    Alloy Tumbler Screen

    Detail Parts of alloy tumbler screenRead More

  • Iron Tumbler Screen

    Iron Tumbler Screen

    Introduction 1.Function: screening and filtering any powder or particle material 2.Diameter: 600mm to 2800mm 3.Sieve layer: 1-5 layers, the 1-3 layers is better 4.Screen size range: 10mm-500 mesh. 5.Driven mode: vibration motor driven. 6.Material: carbon steel, material...Read More

  • Copper Tumbler Vibrating Screen

    Copper Tumbler Vibrating Screen

    Product picture working principle Tumbler vibration screen is one kind of imitation artificial vibrating screen in low frequency. Its principle is: Instantaneous motion is synthesis of the radial displacement and its circular motion. That is, it can lead to nonlinear...Read More

Welcome to import metallurgical tumbler screen from our factory in China. We also provide customized metallurgical tumbler screen according to customers' requirements. Welcome to contact us for details.