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Coal slime dewatering vibrating sieve
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Dewatering screen is a special equipment for dewatering of coal slime, which is widely used in the process of coal slime recovery, pressure filtration and coarse separation, filtration and coarse separation, and other extremely fine materials dewatering and recovery.

The dewatering screen adopts double electrode self-synchronization technology, universal eccentric block and adjustable amplitude vibrator.

It is mainly composed of screen box, exciter, supporting system and motor.

Through the belt coupling shaft respectively drive two unrelated vibrators for synchronous reverse operation, two sets of eccentric mass produced centrifugal force along the vibration direction of the component force superposition, reverse centrifugal offset, so as to form a single vibration along the vibration direction of the vibration of the screen box artificial reciprocating linear motion.


Low noise and easy maintenance.

2. Reasonable structure and durability.

Good dehydration effect, safe and reliable.

4. Large screening capacity and high screening efficiency.

5 light weight, easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to maintain, no sudden segment spring.

Selection and ordering

Specify the screen structure (preparation, punching, slitting), mesh size, handling capacity, material size.

One of the most important branches of the dehydration screen family is the high frequency dehydration screen. The high frequency dehydration screen is a kind of screen that USES its own multiple frequencies for dehydration. It is the latest type of dehydration screen.

High frequency dehydration screen is mainly used in tailings dry drainage and other processes, the effect is very obvious, is a new generation of tailings dry drainage equipment.


After the end of the test run, check the above content is correct, re-tighten all the fasteners, the screen and all parts of the fastening is intact, can be used formally.

Before this, the following work must be done :1) operators should be trained to understand the structure of each part of the equipment and the simple working principle;

Before work, should be ready to start, check the rotating parts flexible without stuck resistance, screen mesh intact, all parts without loose, bolt fastening.

2) no-load start and stop vibration screen is generally used for crushing screen into a set of equipment or washing process, the screen machine is required to start and stop without load.

Therefore, it is necessary to follow the principle of reverse process startup and smooth process shutdown.

No stopping with materials is allowed except for special reasons.

When there is material on the screen surface, it must be removed before starting.

Only after the normal operation can the feeding start.

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