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A simple introduction of Swing sieve
Mar 13, 2018

The artificial design principle of swing screen is an efficient screening machine specially designed to meet the needs of large yield and high precision screening.

Focus your eyes hands is the most simple screening screening, swinging sieving machine is the mechanical simulation, it is by far the most effective to simulate the artificial screening exercise effective principle (screening accuracy, efficiency, life of screen mesh are 5 to 10 times that of conventional circular sieve), comply with all range of fine and ultra-fine powder and particle materials, especially suitable for processing hard materials.

Up to five times the unit area output;

Accuracy to level 6 separation, screening efficiency up to 90%-99%;

Use silicon rubber ball, ultrasonic and other efficient cleaning device system, the mesh will not be blocked.

Close dusting, safe operation;

The acceleration is 4-5 times lower than the vibrating sieve, and the life of the sifting parts is increased and the maintenance is reduced.

The noise is less than 75 decibels.

Optimization of the balance, low dynamic load of foundation.

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