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Analysis of Common Faults of Tea Swing Screen
Apr 24, 2018

The tea tumbler Screen is a sieving equipment that oscillates the material at a high speed. During the course of use, some common faults occur, such as the clogging of the screen surface and the insufficient amplitude of the swaying. For this reason, The tea tumbler Screen manufacturers specifically summarized the common faults of some tea tumbler Screen machines and analyzed and solved them, hoping to bring a certain amount of help to the users.


 The power of the tea tumber screen cannot be started or the swinging amplitude is too small. The first thing to do is to see if the motor is normal or if the motor circuit is damaged. Then consider if the voltage is too small. If these three points are normal, then you have to Check if the material on the screen surface is too much to cause excessive load, and finally check whether the attached parts on the screen surface are damaged.

    If the tea tumber screen during the screening of the material movement is not normal, perhaps the drying box has scars, in one is the screen box is not put steady, if it is the work rotates slowly the bearing is too hot, this does not need to check what, just Usually maintenance did not keep up with or excessive lubrication.


    The quality of the tea tumber screening machine after operation is too poor. It may be that the discharge hole is not open, or the screen tension may not be enough.

    For the above failures, we can try to avoid the trouble of tea tumber screen through routine maintenance.

    Before the tea sifting and sifting, it is necessary to check its oil tank. If the oil level exceeds the standard height, it will cause temperature rise and amplitude operation. The oil in the oil tank is too small and bad, which will cause the wear of the operating shaft. . Always check the tightening of the screws. The new machine should be tightened after half a day of the first operation. After the screen surface is transported at a speed, it can be placed in the granules for screening. After the operation of tea tumber screen machine is finished, do not discharge the material in the cabin. Before stopping the machine, clean the materials in the cabin. Feeding silo should be as close to the feeding nozzle as possible to avoid spilling of the material, and the height of the feeding end and the feeding silo should not be too different from each other, so as to avoid the impact force during feeding and improve the feeding efficiency under artificial conditions.

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