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Application of rotary vibrating screen in salt industry
- Feb 09, 2018 -

Rotary vibration sieve is a high-precision screening filtration machine, able to meet a variety of grain, powder, mucus and other materials screening; full closure mechanism for the convergence of various industries.

Rotary vibration sieve is made by the vertical flange motor excitation source, the upper and lower ends of the motor is mounted eccentric weight, the motor rotation into horizontal, vertical, inclined three-dimensional movement, and then this movement is passed to the screen Surface; if you change the phase angle and weight of the motor from top to bottom hammer, you can change the trajectory of the material on the screen surface.


· sealed dust does not fly, low noise does not pollute the environment, high precision and high screening efficiency; online screening up to 500 mesh sorting, slurry up to 600 mesh filtration.

· small size and easy to move, coarse material automatically discharged, 360 ° arbitrarily adjustable discharge port for continuous operation on site.

· Net mother separated design, increase the screen life; improve the screening accuracy; change the net as long as two people can be completed within 3-5 minutes.

· easy disassembly, easy to clean inside and outside, no health corner, in line with food-grade GMP norms (all stainless steel equipment).

· low energy consumption, fast start-up, without foundation installation, sieve up to 5 layers, it is recommended to use 3 layers.

purpose of usage


Separation and screening of different particle size of the solid particle group, can be divided into five groups at the same time.

For dry products: sugar, spices, MSG, chicken, citric acid, abrasive, rubber resin powder, salt, metal powder, instant potato flour, animal feed, grit / bulk, glass beads, detergents, polystyrene particles, Pigments, Iron Oxides, Lead, Tungsten Carbide, Pulverized Products, Herbs, Chemicals and Foods

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