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Application of sifter in copper powder process
Aug 23, 2018

Copper powder sifter has been widely used, characterized by: 1, small size, light weight, easy to move, the outlet can be adjusted according to needs. 2, the screening accuracy is high and the efficiency is high. 3, the screen can be used for a long time to facilitate changing the network.


The three commonly used copper powders are electrolytic copper powder, low bulk density, water atomized copper powder and imitation gold copper alloy powder. These common copper powder processes are:

Electrolytic copper powder: electrolytic copper plate - smelting reduction - grading - electrolysis - washing powder - vacuum drying - grading - batch - packaging;

Low bulk density water atomized copper powder: electrolytic copper plate - smelting - water atomization - vacuum drying - high temperature oxidation - crushing - reduction - Classification - batch - packaging;

Imitation gold copper alloy powder: copper and other raw materials - ingredients - atomization - Transformation - ultrafine grinding classification - polishing - finished products.

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