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Application of sifter in screening of Chinese medicine powder
Aug 23, 2018

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Ultrasound vibrating screen of traditional Chinese medicine powder machine is the best choice of materials such as light specific gravity, fine powder, strong adsorption. The ultrasonic system can convert electric energy into high-frequency vibrating mechanical energy. The vibrating screen machine is equipped with this ultrasonic system and frequency conversion device. The secondary vibrating energy can make the screen vibrate 36 000 times per minute, so the material can be used. 

It can be effectively sieved.

1. Application in screening process of traditional Chinese medicine powder

In the screening of traditional Chinese medicine powder, there are often many factors, such as fiber, static electricity, the proportion of light materials and so on, which lead to the reduction of production efficiency, small processing capacity, can not continue to work, not easy to clean up and other phenomena, but the use of traditional Chinese medicine ultrasonic vibration screening machine, can effectively avoid these problems, greatly improve production efficiency.

Two: application in the extraction process of traditional Chinese Medicine

In the process of extracting Chinese herbal medicine liquid, centrifuge, double and triple filters are usually used because of its high viscosity, surface tension and excessive residue. But these equipments have lower production efficiency and low recovery rate. It is easy to plug the screen in work and it is inconvenient to clean the screen manually. Why the ultrasonic vibrating screen can achieve good results in solving screen blockage, mainly in the following three aspects:

1. The finest liquid can be filtered 625 meshes (20 microns) after coarse filtration from the storage tank and entering the ultrasonic vibrating screen. The machine itself has the function of automatic slag discharge, which can effectively prevent mesh blockage, facilitate recovery and improve recovery rate, thus achieving the purpose of continuous production.

2. In the process of pure sedimentation, if the ultrasonic vibrating screen is not used, the effective liquid will flow out with the residue, resulting in waste. If used, the finished slurry in the slurry can be effectively recovered.

3. After extraction of Chinese herbal medicines, the liquid content is generally higher, the waste residue treatment is drier, reducing pollution, and the effective product recovery is improved.

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