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Application of swing sieve in tobacco industry
Apr 24, 2018

 Tobacco is a tubular flower head, an annual or limited herbaceous plant of Solanaceae, and the base is slightly lignified. Inflorescences terminal, conical, multiflorous; capsule ovate or oblong, ca. Summer and autumn flowering results. Mainly distributed in South America, China. Has a high medicinal value, swelling, detoxification, insecticide. Used for swollen boils, head lice, white lice, bald sores and snake bites. Kill snails, mosquitoes, flies, and mice. What sort of equipment is needed during the tobacco slag removal process? Pioneer Vibration has specialized tobacco swing screens to screen and remove impurities from tobacco.

 Tobacco screening machine, also known as swinging screening machine, is a relatively new type of low-speed vibration screening machinery equipment. The swinging screen can easily accomplish large-scale, high-density screening tasks. The swinging screener simulates human hand-screening motions and processes, performs three-dimensional circular motions, and ingeniously combines screens (planar circular motions) and gongs (upward parabolic motions) to combine both circular motions and upward-throwing motions. Screening machine has the characteristics of high screening accuracy, high efficiency, large output, long screen life (up to 5-10 times that of ordinary vibration screens), and is suitable for fine-grained materials in a variety of fine and ultra-fine range. Difficult to handle material. The swinging screening machine can also adjust the rotation speed, eccentricity, and radial force independently adjustable to change the time and movement route of tobacco staying on the screen surface to meet the physical properties of different materials and customer screening requirements. The best screening effect.

The trajectory of tobacco on the screening machine can be understood from the figure below

 Through the above introduction, you must have a certain understanding of how the tobacco screening machine screens tobacco. To learn more about the tobacco screening machine, you can click: yxsieve.com;

 The swinging screen can also be widely used in chemical, food and spice, plastics and synthetic resins, mining, medicine, wood, building materials, metallurgy, cement, foundry, abrasive, papermaking and other particles, powder and granular related industries dry and wet vibration Screening, liquid-solid separation, waste water filtration, recovery and other fields. Swing screening machine has

1. Reliable, not easy problems;

2. Unique circular building block assembly structure, easy installation and disassembly;

3. Simulate human hand screening action and process, screening accuracy of up to 90-95%;

4. Good at screening fine, ultra-fine powder materials, especially for difficult materials;

5. The power source is an ordinary motor, which has a longer service life than the vibration motor and is easier to maintain;

6. The discharge port can be adjusted 360°, convenient and practical;

7. Quiet design, noise is only 75dba, fully enclosed operation, powder is not flying, liquid does not leak, more environmentally friendly;

8. The low acceleration value of the material particles in the vertical direction makes the screen difficult to damage and prolong the service life of the screen.

9. Soft rock screening will not damage the original granular structure of the material, and it is not easy to generate static electricity. It is more suitable for sieving materials that are flammable, explosive and easy to generate static electricity;

10. Anti-blocking technology is diverse, the screen hole will not be blocked, and the continuity of the screening is ensured;

11. The effective screening area of each floor is 0.28-6.4m2, which can be used up to 7 layers.

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