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Application of vibrating sieve in desiccant material
Oct 15, 2018


Vibrating sieve plays an important role in the screening of desiccant. In fact, Vibrating sieve is one type of linear Vibrating sieve.

We can see all kinds of desiccant everywhere, such as food desiccant, medicine desiccant, electrical equipment, clothes desiccant and so on. These desiccant are mainly used to prevent the goods from dampness and the growth of all kinds of mold.

Common desiccant agents include calcium carbonate, montmorillonite, active mineral, silica gel desiccant, etc. The following is an example of the production of montmorillonite desiccant to tell us the perfect combination of Vibrating sieve and desiccant production process.


Desiccant vibrating sieve, mainly used in the assembly line work, screening, classification of material natural of montmorillonite as raw material to the particle size consistent montmorillonite desiccant, need to go through multi-channel link, first the montmorillonite in the process of the dry processing raw materials, after the raw materials into the system of material hoist equipment, set the range of discharge interval, then  into the drying machine to dry, dry after a multichannel link, through desiccant sieve screening, grading, passes through the sieve , desiccant can be divided into two kinds, respectively, 0.5 1 mm, 1-4 mm, in the process of the material after screening of vibrating sieve classification,

The floating powder on the surface of the desiccant for montmorillonite can also be screened out and the desiccant with uniform particles can be obtained.

A series of mechanical equipment perfect coordination, forming a continuous production line, time - saving, labor - saving, efficient.


Desiccant production need to use desiccant linear vibrating sieve, as are other production process of desiccant, vibrating screen classification, in addition to float pink, is to make the material classification, reasonable size is more standardized production, if the enterprise demand for production requirements is not big, can choose small desiccant vibrating screen of 520 or 525, if the output is larger, can choose 1020, 1040 or more large models, according to the material screening level, can choose a layer, two layer or multilayer desiccant vibrating screen, all in all, the customer can according to production requirements to select.

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