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Brief introduction of the vacuum feeder
Jun 12, 2018

The vacuum feeder is also called the vacuum conveyor, which uses the vacuum suction to transport granular powder materials in a closed pipe space.Because the pressure of the vacuum of space environment space type is not the same, there will be pressure difference to produce, can appear gas flow in the piping, has been driving the movement of the powder material, to the powder on expected from one place to another place.The equipment is now widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, building materials and other light industrial heavy industries.

The special vacuum feeding machine for vacuum ultrasonic vibrating screen machine can realize automatic feeding, and the flange connection can avoid dust leakage in the screening process of the screen.The special nitrogen supplemental device can be used in chemical plant with high explosion-proof requirement.The vacuum feeder has been widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, new material and other industries.

Equipped with high external type ultrasonic system, at the same time is high filtration precision and mesh non-clogging, really solved for reunion, electrostatic, strong adsorption card wall mesh sieving problem, such as a sieve net rate and the overall screening efficiency is greatly improved, can ensure that in the process of screening, mesh not blocked for a long time.

According to the different material particle structure, the productivity can be greatly increased, and the service life of the sieve can be prolonged while the long-term high efficiency screening is guaranteed.The equipment reserves an inert gas charging interface, which can be connected with the inert gas to protect the material!

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