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Cause of failure in production of linear vibrating screen and detection method
Feb 09, 2018

Causes of failure and testing

Since the function of the throttle position sensor of the linear shale shaker screen is to detect the opening of the throttle, when the signal can not be correctly fed back after being damaged due to the installation or the like, the system mistakenly determines that the motor is under a load and thus imposes a higher idle speed Compensate for the increased load. According to the national standard, the internal control emission of the engine is set as 3% of the CO; the HC delay is 450ppm. At the same time increase the high idle (200Or / min) emissions measurement to ensure that the conditions of C0 core 1.5%, HC (45OpPm.

Opening does not return to zero

Linear vibrating screen electric fuel injection jet gasoline engine is used in closed-loop control of the motor management system, the system's core electronic control unit based on intake pressure sensor, speed sensor and intake temperature sensor signal calculated per cycle inhaled Air volume, corresponding to determine the amount of fuel injection per cycle, and based on the coolant temperature sensor and other signals to be corrected. Throttle opening does not return to zero, the linear vibration sieve throttle position sensor detects the signal, the feedback to the ECU, ECU feedback signal based on the sensor to increase the amount of fuel injection, the motor speed increased.

Position sensor failed

At present, because our company's factory specifications only require the C0 and HC content of the motor emissions under idling conditions to be detected and adjusted, the emission control described in this paper means that the motor controlled by the linear vibration sieve Under the conditions of exhaust emissions C0 and HC content in line with the relevant standards. The solution to the idling fault detection of the car design. The idling speed of the linear vibrating screen can be detected by the speed value displayed by the GOT, but the judgment of the cause is quite complicated. Because the idle speed fault is mostly caused by the failure of the EFI system components, the car station designed the EFI system fault alarm, introduced the ECU fault signal into the PLC, and output it to the alarm light, so that according to the alarm signal and the failure of the linear vibration screen Diagnostic system to determine the EFI system.

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