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Causes of mixing phenomenon in linear vibrating screen
Dec 21, 2018

Linear vibrating screen is widely used in the particle screening scene of all walks of life, as a simple operation, easy to maintain the representative of the vibrating screen, it has a lot of application space and excellent performance in medicine, food, chemical industry, grain, metallurgy and other walks of life.

However, the existence of mixing is tantamount to the existence and function of linear screen meaningless, for all users, to understand the causes of linear screen mixing and grasp the effective solution is extremely urgent.After a long time of research and summary will lead to linear vibrating screen mixing reasons are summarized as follows:

The cause of "mixing" phenomenon in linear vibrating screen

A: screen surface for a long time material accumulation or even mesh blocking phenomenon

Linear vibrating sieve sieve surface is generally by screening for fixed aperture of metal wire woven mesh, if screen appears for a long period of time the material accumulation or screen blocking phenomenon, the weight of the packing material and vibrating screen machine vibration force of the composite together can oppress the downward force is not in conformity with the sieving mesh specifications of material particles extrusion distorts the mesh screen mesh, relaxation, and mixing.

There are various reasons for material accumulation on the screen surface of vibrating screen selecting machine. Excessive moisture, large viscosity and uneven feeding mode of sifting materials will lead to excessive material accumulation, resulting in blockage and mixing.

Two: the inlet is close to the edge of the screen frame

Linear vibrating screen is relying on the network frame of the screen box fixed mesh material screening, familiar with the structure of the linear shale shaker separator and users can be found that the way of network frame fixed mesh network frame and the edge of the screen box are gaps exist, if the dog-house back-end inlet box edge, combined with the inventory is too large, easy to cause a small powder particles to beat to the vibrating screen machine backboard and the gaps between the sieve box, caused by a mixture of the top and bottom layer materials.

Three: linear vibrating screen screen frame pressure net bar did not extend forward

Because the linear vibrating screen often needs to meet the user's demand for large output screening, so in the fuselage size is often more than 2m large and medium-sized equipment, the size of the screen frame mesh frame of the vibrating screen selection machine also random size increases accordingly.In order to ensure the convenience of screen replacement and screen frame installation and removal at the same time, 2cm free space was reserved at the front end of the linear vibrating screen in the design.Therefore, small make up suggests that if the two sides of the screen frame are not stretched forward after the screen is changed, the material in the screen box is likely to jump forward along the bar Angle steel when it is not through the vibration screen selection machine screen screen screen screen into the discharge port, the phenomenon of mixing.

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