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Choose and buy linear vibrating screen for the first time, what factors should be considered?
Dec 21, 2018

Choose and buy linear vibrating screen is need to consider many factors, some customers may not know how to choose and buy linear vibrating screen.In order to enable you to buy more in line with their own needs of the vibration screen, today to introduce you to buy linear vibration screen need to consider the factors.

1, according to their own screening purposes, is the need for fine screening or rough screening, this is very important.If it is fine screening, it is necessary to choose and buy rotary vibration screen, ultrasonic vibration screen, airflow screen and other vibration screen;If it is rough screening, the selection of linear vibration screen, mining vibration screen, straight row screen can be.

2. According to the properties of the materials to be screened.The properties of different materials suitable for the vibration screen is different, these properties include: density, shape, temperature, viscosity, particle size, mobility, particle size distribution, corrosion, and so on.Depending on your material, you need to choose different models, which can be recommended by technicians.

3. According to the requirements of screening and processing capacity, different vibrating screens have different capacity to deal with the size of materials per unit time. According to your requirements, choose the appropriate vibrating screen model.

4. Different working environments.The working environment of vibration screen has a great impact on the screening operation, how the site sealing, dry humidity, safety, pollution requirements, etc., which have a reference role in the selection of models.

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