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filter paste bag
Aug 23, 2018

The main reason of bag filter paste bag is that the moisture content of dust is high, the temperature drops rapidly after the moisture dust enters the bag, and the moisture precooling forms water droplets. The water droplets adhere to the outside surface of the bag and the bag is soaked and pasted on the bag. In this case, the dust collector should be well insulated, or the dust collector should be heated well.


Cause and elimination method of bag bag for bag filter

1. Bag-pasting reasons: Bag filter selection error, dust smoke temperature is high, bag filter can not deal with the temperature of dust smoke, not high-temperature cloth bag.

Exclusive method: replace the bag of high temperature dust collector which can deal with high temperature dust.

2. The reason of bagging: the bag filter is too close to the origin of high-temperature dust and flue gas, and the temperature has not dropped.

Elimination: Increase the pipe distance between the bag filter and the temperature origin point of high-temperature dust fume, or add cyclone, multi-tube ceramic dust collector, water-cooled dust collector between the two to cool down, the temperature of the filter bag to adapt to the temperature so that no bagging.

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