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Household waste screening equipment - Environmental Drum screen
Feb 09, 2018

The new type of living garbage drum screen is mainly aimed at the sieving treatment of municipal solid waste, which provides an effective shortcut for the reuse of garbage. The equipment has the following points:

1, change the internal space of the old equipment complex, small, easy to block material, pore clogging up is not convenient, the new drum screen is outside the ring gear transmission, large inner space, hinder small, easy maintenance, and a cleaning device in sufficient space, reduce clogging sieve, improve the screening system the yield and reliability.

2, the overall equipment according to user needs to use different materials, especially the internal structure of core barrel, entirely with new design ideas, not only to protect the screen mesh size, but also has the self vibration and self-cleaning function, but also added a high pressure water pipe, is to strengthen the self cleaning effect.

3. The new type of drum screen has good sealing, beautiful appearance and convenient disassembly and disassembly. The body is equipped with maintenance quick door, and the other equipment is regularly repaired. It is very convenient. There are observation holes at both ends of the sealing and dust-proof cover of the equipment, so that the operation of the equipment can be observed at any time.

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