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How to choose vibration screen equipment
Sep 05, 2018

What are good ways to choose the best Vibrating Screen?

1: determine the requirements for the selection of material accuracy

Knowing the accuracy of screening of materials is fine screening. Or a rough sieving?

If it is fine screening, it should normally be selected in three types of two types of rotary vibrating screen and ultrasonic vibration screen. 

If it is rough screening, high efficiency and large output linear vibrating screen or straight screen should be selected. If there is no special requirement, there are usually more linear vibrating screens.

2: select the machine based on the site

If you want to fully understand the size of your own equipment, it is best to measure the width and width of your equipment. According to the first step to choose the direction of the model, and then refer to the size of the site selection model, such as the specific selection of the type of linear vibrating screen, the installation mode of the vibration motor, and the fine screening of three dimensional sieve, ultrasonic vibration screen, air screen and other equipment are smaller, so the equipment is The demand for the size of the site is not high.

3: whether the screened materials have special requirements.

Understand whether the materials to be screened have special requirements, such as corrosivity, high sanitary requirements, high static electricity, strong adsorption, high temperature and other characteristics, such as materials with flammability and explosive properties.

4: whether the equipment needs long and continuous work.

According to its own production demand, it is determined whether the vibrating screen equipment needs continuous work for a long time. If it is required, both the three dimensional vibrating screen or the linear vibrating screen should be equipped with a high quality vibrating motor to ensure the continuous and stable work of the vibrating screen equipment and help to improve the service life of the equipment.

5: demand for production of equipment

The high production requirement is optional more than the large three - dimensional vibrating screen or linear vibrating screen, but it can not be too high to require the treatment of single equipment.

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