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How to rectify the reason of low output of mineral shaker
Jan 07, 2019

How to rectify the reason of low output of mineral shaker

1, increase the distributor

According to the uneven material distribution in the funnel, the funnel is modified to add a feeder under the belt. The feeder can move left and right according to the belt deviation, and evenly distribute the ore into the two side funnels and into the circular vibrating screen, so that the two sides of the feeding is relatively balanced, which can well solve the problem of uneven feeding.

2. Lower the height difference and adjust the feeding funnel position

Aimed at the problem of much bigger impact by lowering funnel into the discharge end and mining vibrating screen the elevation difference, the original design of 400 mm to 250 mm, the ore very smoothly into the circular vibrating screen, greatly reduce the ore in mining vibrating screen impact, make mining vibrating screen stress is relatively balanced, effectively solve the housing problem such as craze, longitudinal beam fracture;

At the same time, in order to solve the uneven distribution of ores in the feeding port, the feeding hopper is widened at the feeding port, so that the materials are evenly distributed throughout the screen surface, and the screening efficiency is greatly improved.

3, increase the screen surface slope, improve the speed of ore movement

The ore moves slowly on the screen surface, resulting in thick ore deposit and serious ore pressure on the screen surface.

The main factors affecting the transport speed are the amplitude of the vibrating screen and the slope of the screen.

The amplitude adjustment is accomplished by adding eccentricity block. The practice shows that the effect is not obvious.

In the practical use the perspective of mining vibrating screen can be adjusted between 15 ° ~ 35 °, through field investigation and analysis, decided to mining vibrating screen box of slope increased by 15 ° to 20 °;

Under the condition of constant feed quantity, the slope of mining vibrating screen is increased, the running speed of ore is improved, and the residence time of ore on the screen is reduced.

After rectification, under the condition of invariable in amplitude, through actual measurement of 20 ° sieving slope when the material movement speed 0.6 m/s, when the crushing capacity of 600 t/h, material on the screen without mining, mine pressure, the phenomena of deposition and be able to complete the loose on the screen is very good, layering and screening effect, processing capacity greatly increased.

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