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How to solve the noise produced by a linear vibrating screen
Feb 09, 2018

Linear vibrating screen noise in the course of how to do? This problem often bothers some users. Because of the linear vibrating screen is also part of the machinery, so in the course of the use of mechanical properties, it will cause the machine noise. So, how can we solve it? Today for everyone to sort out several solutions to this problem:

1. Before starting the linear vibrating screen, we should first check whether the bolts in all the parts are fastened. The purpose of fastening the bolts is to make the various parts fit together more, so as to reduce the unnecessary extra vibration caused by the work.

2, the side of the sieve box, feed inlet, discharge port and the material feeding chassis affixed rubber plate, in order to effectively inhibit the side of the high-frequency vibration and reduce radiation noise. This process has been installed before the screen machine. However, in the actual production process, the rubber plate will be deformed or damaged due to heat and pressure. Use a certain period of time should be regularly checked replacement.

3, the perforated steel sieve replaced by a small elastic modulus, low impact noise polyurethane sieve or rubber sieve, with a rubber spring instead of steel springs.

4, the bearing between the inner and outer jacket to be damping treatment, bearing the rolling body can be made into a hollow rolling body or in the hollow rolling body to add damping material.

5, the use of flexible spoke plate gear instead of steel gears, exciters in vitro installation of soft noise enclosures, vibration isolation, reduce noise.

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