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How to solve the problem of blocking the hole in the linear vibrating screen
Dec 21, 2018

Linear vibrating screen in the process of screening materials, as the number of screening materials and the lengthening of working time, the possibility of materials stuck in the sieve hole will become larger, some of the dead particles stuck, it is difficult to get away from the sieve hole, we need to understand some solutions, the following small make up about the solution.

Linear vibration screen has tick card exciter, generally using high frequency, large amplitude vibration mode can get a good tick card effect.However, because the power of the hydraulic system driving the debonding exciter is limited, the debonding efficiency cannot be improved simply by increasing the excitation frequency and amplitude of the linear vibrating screen.This is because the linear vibrating screen with the increase of excitation frequency, the inertia force of the stuck particles also increases, so the probability of the stuck particles out of the screen hole is greatly increased;At the same time, there are some dead particles stuck in the sieve hole, only by increasing the excitation frequency of the linear vibrating screen is not able to remove these stuck particles, such as some stuck particles have to be rotated in the sieve hole at an Angle to get out of the screen surface, but this is difficult to complete for the linear vibrating screen.In addition to improving the card removal efficiency and increasing the excitation frequency, it may be necessary to combine other methods, such as temporarily stopping screening to remove more materials with stuck holes, and adopting fan to remove materials with stuck holes and so on.

Linear screen is used in chemical industry, food, plastic, medicine, metallurgy, glass, building materials, grain, fertilizer, abrasives, ceramics and other industries dry powder or granular material screening.Linear screen is used in a wide range of applications, as long as the reasonable use, it will not damage so fast.Use cycle also can compare the time that does not use reasonably long!

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