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Installation and debugging of multi-layer linear vibrating screen:
May 15, 2018

The equipment shall be fixed on a special foundation and fixed by embedded bolts.

If the special foundation is not used, the anti-vibration rubber plate shall be installed between the working table and the equipment stand, and the equipment must be equipped with a safe and reliable grounding protection line before use.

Note: when the equipment is in place, the equipment must be used to fix the screen and seat before starting.

After the new screening machine is installed, the following requirements shall be checked:

1, check the vibration motor winding insulation resistance to the ground, if the < 20 m Ω must dry rear can use.

2, the screen body and frame, the spring on the seat, spring should be completely vertical embedded spring seat, in order to make sure the screen body balance, the vibration of the sieve machine parts don't closed to any rigid connection or contact with other objects.

3. Close the power switch, confirm that the vibration motor is in reverse rotation synchronously, and run for 10-20 minutes. The equipment should be shut down and checked and processed quickly if there is abnormal sound at run time.

Equipment normal operation, can be a small amount to screening of materials through the inlet into the screen, confirm the material to the discharging mouth direction, then gradually increase to the required and can withstand quantificationally.

4. When sifting the material, the material shall be evenly distributed in the feed inlet to ensure the uniform distribution of the material on the screen.

Whereabouts of your material, can not have a big impact, so as not to damage the screen mesh, under special circumstances, such as particle size difference is big, material than major, etc.) should be on the feeding port and a coarser mesh layer as a buffer.

5, user according to the layer number of sieve machine, the proportion of different materials to increase or decrease of the sieve machine vibration force (by adjusting the Angle of vibration motor eccentric hammer on both ends to increase or decrease in vibration force), to screen the best sieving effect.

6, equipment moments during downtime on resonance region, the amplitude and noise will increase obviously, belongs to the normal phenomenon, in front of the key equipment, sieve surface must not have saved materials, screen mesh should be regularly check whether tensioning, damaged, if you have failed to instant replacement.

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