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Key points of installation and production of bag filter
Aug 23, 2018


1, bearing installation:

The fabrication and installation of the support is the foundation of the bag filter. Generally speaking, the connection between the lower part of the foundation column and the embedded plate of the foundation is completed by welding. But in the actual construction, the connection error of embedded slab will appear, so the vertical degree of the column must be adjusted in the actual installation, otherwise the frame size of bag filter will not correspond, and if the stiffener plate under the column is installed before leaving the factory, the installation is difficult. The solution is to cut the ribs and columns, adjust the proper perpendicularity, and then weld them. The perpendicularity can be found by means of center line detection, horizontal instrument and tape measure to ensure the perpendicularity.

2. Production and installation of ash hopper.

Dust will be concentrated in ash hoppers, so ash hoppers have important uses. Generally speaking, in order to reduce the transportation cost and difficulty, the ash hopper is pre-fabricated and installed on the spot. Because of transportation and storage, the ash hopper may be deformed and installed more difficult. In order to ensure the quality of its production and installation, the ash hopper can be divided into two sections, and the joint around the staggered treatment to ensure its safety. Loading quality.

3. Shell installation:

The shell is mainly composed of side wall, top beam, column and ring beam. Its installation will be limited by the site. Generally, the bottom ring beam is pulled to the support position by hoisting, and then assembled into a body. Because of the large volume of the shell, it is difficult to pull it to a fixed position after installation on the ground. The installation of the flower board has certain requirements for air tightness, and punching method can be used in the installation to avoid the deformation of the flower board. After installation, tightness check is required.

4. Pulse valve installation:

Leakage often occurs after the installation of the pulse valve. The possible reasons are analyzed from practical work experience: cracks occur in the docking of the pulse valve with the gas bag, resulting in air leakage; and the structure of the gas bag itself has loopholes. The occurrence of these problems may lead to the interconnection of the inner and outer parts of the spiral holes, resulting in air leakage. Therefore, in the installation of pulse valve, the diameter of the gasket at the connection of the bubble and pulse valve can be adjusted properly, and the bolt can be replaced directly, so as to ensure the installation quality.

5, installation notes:

During the installation of bag filter, it is necessary to go through many operations, such as welding, which will lead to dust problems. At the same time, there are quite a lot of temporary brackets in the process of shell installation, so after installation, it is necessary to remove the temporary bracket in time, and remove the ash discharging valve under the ash hopper, carefully clean up the inside of the dust collector, and then install the dust discharging valve after cleaning up. Otherwise, the problem of blockage of unloading valve will easily occur during installation, which will seriously affect the use of later stage.

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