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Linear vibrating screen in the use of the process will appear problems and daily maintenance
Nov 23, 2018

For linear vibrating screen, uneven feeding is one of the common problems encountered.

So, what is the cause of linear vibrating screen feeding is not uniform?

1. Damaged screen:

In the use of linear vibrating screen feeding is not uniform or the user feeding too much at once, beyond the pressure of the mesh can withstand, the mesh due to severe pressure, this will cause rapid damage to the mesh.

2. Low screening efficiency:

Linear vibrating screen operation of one-time input too much material, beyond the screening machine can bear the screening load, so that the material has not had time to be screened on the discharge from the outlet, resulting in too much fine material from the coarse material outlet, will greatly reduce the screening efficiency.

3. Reduce the service life of vibration motor:

In the use of linear vibrating screen feeding is not uniform or one-time feeding too much, will suddenly increase the load of the vibration motor, motor damage, reduce the service life of the motor, this is the most serious.

Linear vibrating screen effect natural need not say more, let a person headache than its maintenance problems.

Linear vibration screen maintenance mainly from three aspects.

1. Oil injection:

Linear vibration screen bearings and other lubrication parts of the general use of oil injection, injection nozzle according to the different equipment can be replaced, some can also use the connection tool.

2. Protection:

Bearing and other damaged parts have certain protective measures to prevent bearing due to excessive wear and tear and affect the production, avoid other debris damage bearing, prevent bearing due to rotation heating too high.

3. Pressure:

In order to prevent the linear vibrating screen from loosening bolts due to the vibration at work and causing damage to the equipment, in addition to regularly checking the fastening degree of bolts, you can also use pressure bolts to ensure the fastening of bolts.

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