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Main points maintenance of U type screw conveyor
Feb 09, 2018

U-type screw conveyor in the use of a period of time, to carry out equipment overhaul, the main overhaul, including the screw conveyor slot body hanging bearings, screw blades, screw shaft, tank connection parts, seals and other parts.

The role of the sealing ring is to prevent the material from leaking at the connection part during transportation. Wear and tear may occur due to prolonged operation. After wear, the material is likely to leak out of the gap, so it is necessary to overhaul it after finishing.

The role of the spiral blade is to promote material operations, pushing the material to the discharge port, if the material is too large, it may result in overloaded lead to rupture of the spiral blade, check, such as the case of cracks should be promptly reinforced .

Hanging bearings are one of the main components of the screw conveyor, conveyor belt conveyor remote have hanging bearing connection, if the blockage, it is likely to cause the screw shaft rupture, can not be ignored, in the repair time, if any Necessary, to be promptly replaced.

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