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Maintenance of Dewatering Screen
Sep 26, 2018

Dewatering screen maintenance should be operating by professional people who are familiar with all process.Dewatering screen requires frequent & systematic inspection and maintenance;making equipment in good working condition,reduceing downtime and repairing cost to prolong usage time of screening machine.

       A.Inspection content  


       (1)Checking the grease whether added.

       (2)Checking fastening condition of connection bolts.

       (3)When equipment operated, the motor temperature whether too high.

        2.Screen box

       (1)Checking the accumulation of material, whether form screen box, feeding equipment and discharging equipment collisions.

       (2)Checking screen surface tightening and wearing condition.

       (3)Checking whether the screen hole are blocked and the accumulation of material.

       (4)Checking fastening condition of connection bolts.

       (5)When screen operates,check whether products is uniform distribution of screen surface.

        3.Support device

       (1)Check whether spring be fracture or broken.

       (2)Check whether products is accumulated around spring.

       (3)Check whether compression condition of each spring is uniform.

       (4)Check whether any cracking of weld connection exist

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