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Matters needing attention when installing linear vibrating screen
Oct 30, 2018

The new linear vibrating screen must be installed according to the normal installation procedure.

What should we pay attention to when installing:

1. Be sure to choose a screen with a thicker wire diameter, because the installation of the linear vibrating screen is relatively tedious. When cutting, the width of the screen is consistent with that of the grid frame, and the length must be 50~70mm longer than that of the grid frame.

2. It is necessary to tighten the screen mesh when installing, because the tightness of the screen mesh is an important factor affecting screening efficiency.

4. When installing the net clearing ball, please pay attention to the screening difficulty and mesh number of the materials.

5. If the proportion of materials is large or the mesh size of the screen is high, a suitable mesh size should be added under the linear vibrating screen. The purpose is to play a supporting role, reduce the pressure of materials on the screen screen and extend its service life.

6. After the mesh rack is installed into the box body as required, it should be remembered that the mesh should be extended into the corresponding outlet to avoid mixing.

7. When installing the platen, pay attention to its smoothness, and lining with the sponge sealing band with strong flexibility to lock evenly, because this is not only the key to prevent mixing grade, but also an important factor affecting the service life of the screen.

8. After the linear vibrating screen is installed, a few materials should be used first to test the screen cloth and screen classification. If the materials are uniformly sent forward, and the classification is accurate, and there is no mixing phenomenon, it can be put into use.

On the contrary, if there is deviation or heap such as non - uniform phenomenon, should adjust the screen screen surface smoothness and uniformity.

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