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Multi-layer linear vibrating screen structure description
May 15, 2018

This screen is mainly composed of screen box, screen frame, sieve mesh, vibrating motor, motor pedestal, damping spring, bracket and so on.

1. Sieve box: made of steel plate with different thickness and different thickness, with certain strength and stiffness, it is the main part of the screen.

2. Screen frame: made from wood or wood with less deformation, it is mainly used to keep the screen smooth and to achieve normal screening.

3. Screen mesh: low carbon steel, brass, bronze, stainless steel wire, etc.

4. Vibration motor (for use and maintenance method, please refer to the instruction manual of vibrating motor).

5. Motor pedestal: install the vibrating motor, and the screw must be tightened before use. In particular, three days before the new screening machine is tested, it must be tightened repeatedly to avoid causing the accident.

6. Vibration damping spring: prevent vibration from being transmitted to the ground, and support the entire weight of the sieve box. When installing, the spring must be vertical to the ground.

7. Bracket: consists of four pillars and two channel steel, supporting the screen box. The strut must be perpendicular to the ground when installing. The channel steel below the two pillars should be parallel to each other.

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