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Notes for commissioning of vibrating screen
Sep 13, 2018

Notes for commissioning of vibrating screen:

After the installation of the vibrating screen equipment, there is an important step, that is the debugging of the vibrating screen.And these are the five things that you need to pay attention to.

1. Check whether the fasteners are loose after short-term test.

2. During the debugging process, the equipment should always check whether the amplitude, current, temperature rise and noise are stable, and stop immediately if abnormal phenomena are found.

3. During the operation of the equipment, no hands or other tools or articles shall be allowed to contact the vibration source or transmission parts.

4. When adjusting the three-axis vibrating screen, first connect the driving shafts on both sides, and then rotate the intermediate shaft about 110-120 degrees towards the feed inlet, and finally connect the intermediate shaft. (if the rotation Angle of the three-axis vibrating screen is wrong or the rotation is not in place, it may cause large amplitude difference between front and back and do not move the material.Pay attention to the rotation direction of the motor.

5. If the vibrating screen is placed on site for a long time, it needs to be started a few more times when it is started (because the vibration source starts slowly when it is placed for a long time, which is not easy to start, and the resonance time is long), or it needs to be started a few times after adding some thin oil, and then the test is started.If the frequency converter is used in the start of the shaker, please adjust the start time to within 10 seconds, otherwise the start period of the shaker is too long, which will cause resonance of the shaker.

You can run the equipment after completing the above five steps. If you encounter problems in the actual operation, please timely communicate with us.

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