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Operation, maintenance and overhaul of sifter
Aug 23, 2018

Before starting the screen, the order is: check whether the connecting parts such as bolts are fixed and reliable - whether the electrical components have failed - whether the main shaft of the exciter is flexible - whether the bearing lubrication is good.


The starting sequence of the sieve is: first start the dust removal device - start the sieve - run normally, then feed evenly to the sieve surface. The order of parking is the opposite.


When the sieve is running normally, the temperature of the bearing shall not exceed 40 degrees at all times, and the maximum temperature shall not exceed 60 degrees.

During operation, we should pay attention to whether the sieving machine has strong noise, and there is no abnormal swing phenomenon. If the sieve box is shaking, check whether the stiffness of the 8 supporting springs is consistent and whether there is any damage.

The bearing part of the sieving machine must be well lubricated. When the bearing is well installed, no heat, oil leakage, can be injected once a week or so with the oil gun butter; every two months or so, the bearing shell should be removed, the bearing for cleaning, re-injection of clean butter.


Generally, no overhaul is required within two years, and only some worn parts are replaced. Of all the parts, the screen is the most easily worn parts, followed by springs and bearings, must be regularly repaired and replaced.

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