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Selection of Suitable Test Sieves
Sep 18, 2018

Selection of Suitable Test Sieves:

Sieve selection not only depends on the sample quantity but also on the approximate particle size distribution. The increments of the mesh apertures should follow a logarithmic series to cover the complete particle size range of the sample.  includes guidelines on the selection of mesh sizes and sieve diameters. It also specifies the maximum sample load allowed for different mesh sizes and the maximum particle size.

Sieve Analysis Step by Step:

A complete sieving process includes the following steps which should be performed in a precise careful manner.

a) Sampling
b) Sample division (if required)
c) Selection of suitable test sieves
d) Selection of sieving parameters
e) Actual sieve analysis
f) Recovery of sample material
g) Data evaluation
h) Cleaning and drying the test sieves

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