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The Characteristics of Swing Vibrating Screen.
May 21, 2018

The Characteristics of YinXing Swing Vibrating Screen.

1. The traditional screening equipment, such as the rotary sieve and linear screen, can reach up to five times the unit area processing capacity.

2. Effectively imitate the manual screening action and process, and the material in the screen is presented with a gradual spiral trajectory, which makes the material walk relatively long distances in relative area, and the screening accuracy is up to 90% to 95%.

3. The design is exquisite, the round building block type assembly structure, the equipment is relatively small, the weight is light, the optimization weight is balanced, the foundation dynamic load is low.Easy to install and remove.Discharge port within 360 ° circumferential adjust, easy to process arrangement.

4. Small load work with low frequency, acceleration is 4.5 times lower than the vibrating screen, material particles in the vertical direction acceleration value is low, the screen is not easy to damage to extend the service life of screen to improve the service life of equipment, reduce the operation and maintenance cost.

In addition, the soft power system has little effect on the equipment and the sieving material. It does not damage the original structure of the material, and it is not easy to generate static electricity.

5. Fully enclosed structure, with good sealing and dust removal, there is no leakage of material dust, which is more environmentally friendly and safer for workers.

6. The screen surface can be conveniently equipped with various cleaning devices, which can effectively solve the problem of screen blocking and ensure the continuity of screening.Five different efficient way for you to choose network device, such as: bounce the ball surface cleaning, roller surface cleaning, the jet way clean surface, elastic scraper net surface cleaning, ultrasonic technology, clean surface.

7. Noise pollution is small, noise <75 db.

8. The ordinary motor is used as the power source, which is several times higher than the service life of the vibrating motor.

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