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The common faults of bag filter are shown in the following aspects:
Aug 23, 2018

The common faults of bag filter are shown in the following aspects:


First, the air volume of the dust collector is reduced, and the air intake can not effectively capture the dust. Causes of failure and treatment methods:

1. The air duct is blocked and the air door is shifted: clean the air pipe and fix the air door.

2. The dust collector and the air duct are tightly sealed and partly leak out: check the tightness of the dust collector and the air duct.

3. The design volume of the dust collector is too small: replace the dust collector.

Fan mismatch: replace fan.

Dust clogging:

The concentration of dust is too high to increase the pre filter or increase the dust collector.

The humidity of the dusty gas is too large, and heat preservation or heating are replaced by water repellent filter media.

The dust containing gas is strongly hygroscopicity and adheres to the surface of the filter bag, and is heated or heated to replace the peritoneum filter material.

Filter bag can be used for a long time and replace the filter bag.

The ash removal cycle is too long, the injection width is too short, the pulse control device is adjusted, and the ash removal cycle is shortened.

The filter bag is affected by the oil content of the blowing gas, and the filter is cleaned.

The ash cleaning strength is insufficient and the injection pressure is adjusted.

The pulse control device is in disorder, so it is impossible to control the ash removal and inspect the pulse controller.

The solenoid valve does not act, the coil is damaged, the diaphragm is damaged and deformed, the spring fails, and the replacement is replaced.

When the solenoid valve does not act, the circuit is not set, and the pulse controller is reset.

The order of shut-down is not correct, the injection is not extended, the stopping sequence is adjusted according to the specifications, and the injection delay is increased.

If ash is not smooth, accumulate too much material, clean up the ash hopper and check out the ash mechanism.

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