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The parts of the vibrating screen are badly worn or damaged
Dec 28, 2018

Some parts of the vibrating screen will wear out seriously or even break down after a long time.

Common faults include pipe girder fracture, beam fracture, screen frame fracture, etc.

1. Broken pipe girder.

If the wall of the pipe girder is too thin, it may lead to fracture.

But also should not be too large, too thick, because this will increase the vibration parameters of the sieve quality, bring many problems;

The connection of each screen plate of the dehydration and deintercalation screen mesh shall be provided with transverse and longitudinal batten. If there is no longitudinal batten, water will leak down from the gap between the screen mesh and wash the pipe beam, which is easy to break at the scouring place.

The wider the sieve, the more easily the pipe beam will break. According to the experience, when the sieve width exceeds 3m, it is better to use double channels.

2. Beam fracture

Beam fracture is due to the critical frequency of the working time is too long, a large number of fastening side plate of high strength bolt relaxation, spring serious deformation makes about high and low difference is very much, it is also possible to eccentric block weight error is too large, causing damage to structural parts, beam fracture.

At this time should replace the damaged structural parts, beams, tighten bolts, adjust the quality of eccentric block.

3. Broken screen frame

The screen frame is prone to fracture due to shaking. The best way to solve this problem is to thicken the side plate or add additional plates to the local area of the side plate near the exciter to enhance the rigidity of the whole screen frame.

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