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The principle of swinging sieve structure
Mar 13, 2018

The principle of swinging sieve structure.

The basic rotary motion is similar to the artificial sieve.

The eccentricity is adjustable from 25 to 40mm, and the low-speed v-belt drive is adjustable from 120 to 360rpm.

The stay time of each product can be adjusted by the radial and tangential direction of the swing screen.

So the level is set up and the 3d rolling motion is thrown.

The material is evenly distributed across the entire screen from the center to the outer edge, thus spreading through the spiral motion to the axial direction.

Small particles thus complete the entire screening process.

The horizontal and vertical acceleration increases with the motion of the particles, and the particles close to the size of the mesh are successfully separated.

The larger particles are transported to the exit, where the outlet is controlled by an adjustable guide device, which is another factor controlling the duration of the material's stay.

The process is repeated in each sieve.

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