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The sealing property of the screw conveyer is very important
Feb 09, 2018

Screw conveyor for the delivery of powdery materials is more common, screw conveyor not only to ensure that the material delivery sustained and stable, the delivery speed to meet the corresponding requirements, and the material in the transport process is not spilled, flying and so on.

In view of the above requirements, and taking full account of the characteristics of the powder material, based on the screw conveyor sealing is a more important issue: If the screw conveyor shaft and bearing seat seal is not good, the powder often Shun Leakage shaft into the bearing seat, resulting in bearing damage, resulting in frequent maintenance, affecting the stable operation of equipment. Therefore, trying to solve the screw conveyor bearing seal problem is to reduce maintenance workload and improve the stability of the screw conveyor running the key.

The screw conveyor is composed of a screw shaft, a barrel and a bearing device which are provided with spiral blades. Considering the importance of the sealing performance, the double-shaft oil seal is adopted for the seal between the screw shaft and the bearing. An oil seal on the left prevents the fine powder from entering the bearing housing and a seal on the right prevents grease from flowing into the cylinder along the axis of the bearing, contaminating the material. Oil seal, also known as rotary lip seals, in a free state, oil seal diameter smaller than the shaft diameter, that is, a certain amount of interference. After the oil seal is mounted on the shaft, the pressure at the cutting edge and the contraction force of the self-energizing spring exert a certain radial clamping force on the sealing shaft to cut off the leakage gap and achieve the purpose of sealing.

The higher the rotational speed of the screw conveyor screw shaft, the greater the oil seal on the shaft friction, the higher the temperature rise and the lower the life of the oil seal. The design of the oil seal seat is to ensure the coaxiality of the oil seal seat hole and the rotation shaft, and at the same time, the requirement of the interference of the oil seal lip on the rotation shaft is guaranteed. However, in actual operation of the equipment, bearing damage caused by the powder flowing into the bearing due to failure of the oil seal is still very common.

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