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The treatment of static electricity generated by vibrating screen during screening
Jan 07, 2019

In the process of using vibrating screen, the material appears to be united and blocked. Is the aperture of the screen too small?

This is called static electricity, and we're going to talk about it together.

Some materials themselves contain static electricity, in the process of screening materials and mesh friction will produce static electricity, the generation of static electricity will appear material cluster cluster difficult to pass through the mesh, which affects the screening efficiency of materials, but also harm to the human body.

Then, in the screening of electrostatic treatment methods are as follows:

1. Add antistatic agent to the material before screening;

2. Ground wire on the sieve screen of the vibrating screen to make the current export;

3. Some anti-static measures such as high temperature and drying are taken before screening;

Material size can be different for general materials can be used in this way.

Some fine materials such as: magnetic materials, powder, pigment, starch and some other high fine, high density, easy to agglomerate new materials, customers are advised to choose ultrasonic vibration screen.

Ultrasonic vibration screen through ultrasonic power input to the ultrasonic generator so that the ultra-fine powder to accept huge ultrasonic acceleration, so as to inhibit adhesion, friction, agglomeration and other electrostatic problems, but also improve the screening efficiency, but also to achieve the purpose of cleaning the net, so that the ultra-fine powder screening completed smoothly.

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