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Three - dimensional rotary screen equipment strong reliable durability
Nov 14, 2018

The ternary rotating screen, whose name is given, is a kind of vibrating screen separating equipment used in ore plants with relatively high temperature, such as metallurgical industry and so on.When the user is choosing and buying the triple flutter screen, there may be many reasons why the triple flutter screen manufacturer is not good to choose.Today, by YINXING machinery objectively, I would like to analyze the advantages and characteristics of our company's three-dimension rotary screen.

1: the machine adopts high performance special vertical vibration motor, high efficiency, low consumption and strong power.

2: the body and material contact materials are all made of national standard grade I stainless steel plate, which is sanitary, sterile, anti-corrosion and excellent wear-resisting performance.

3. The three-dimension rotary screen adopts high strength net frame and beam ring. The machine has high strength, high toughness, no deformation, high efficiency and durability.

4: the mesh is easy to replace, and the tension is high. One person can change it at will.

5: high penetration rate, large output, strong and durable.

6. Wide application range: it is an ideal equipment for classifying, removing impurity, mixing, screening and filtering or solid-liquid separation in food, medicine, chemical industry, beverage, ceramics, plastics, abrasive, paper, nanomaterials and other industries.

The tri-dimensional rotary screen is an international screen equipment of * and * effect. It integrates the functions of flat screen, swing screen and rolling screen.The vibrating screen powder machine is a kind of widely used vibrating screen equipment.

The three-dimension rotary vibrating screen is a three-dimensional vibration produced by vibrating motor, which forces the material to go forward by spiral-jump diffusion from inside to outside, and to be discharged from the outlet.The sieve powder machine can sift and filter any particle, powder and mucus.Screen * as fine as 500 mesh or 0.028mm, and filter * as small as 5 microns.1- 5 layers of screens with different mesh number (fineness) can be installed, and 2- 6 grades of materials can be sorted or filtered simultaneously.

Working principle of three-dimension rotary screen:

The ternary rotating screen is a new product combining ultrasonic generator and vibrating screen.

Principle is to 220 v, 50 hz or 110 v, 60 hz power into high frequency electric energy of 18 to 40 KHZ, with a perfectly on the sieve box ultrasonic vibrator head will be high frequency electric energy into mechanical energy, make the invisible to the naked eye of supersonic vibration sieve surface, makes the ultra micro powder accept huge ultrasonic acceleration, the material on the surface of the screen always stay suspended state, thus inhibiting adhesion, friction, pancake, wedging plugging factors and then achieve the purpose of efficient screening and net, makes superfine powder, sieve into easy.Especially suitable for high quality and fine powder users.

The three-dimension rotating sieve plate is made of wear-resistant material with high temperature, good thermal resistance, no deformation and long life. The sieve plate is easy to be installed and disassembled.After the above analysis, you should know all about our company's ternary vibration screen. I hope these sharing can give you some help when you choose the ternary vibration screen. If you need more detailed parameter information, you are welcome to call YINXING machine directly!Special technicians will be available to analyze it for you.

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