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Tumbler screen material stacked on the screen surface how is it?
Apr 24, 2018

 The working principle of the tumbler screen is simple and clear. It is an effective simulation of the most primitive binocular gaze with both hands. Therefore, some users of the swing screen often encounter the phenomenon of accumulation of materials on the screen surface. This phenomenon actually allows People have headaches, what should I do? Swing screen manufacturers analyze the situation according to their own experience as follows:


 1. The tumbler screen operator adds a large amount of screening materials at a time during the operation of the screening machine, which will inevitably cause the material to accumulate, and may even cause the screen to be damaged. Therefore, the material must be added evenly, and the screening output cannot be improved. To add blindly, it's good enough to stop talking about it. This may be an error that many users often make during use.

 2. The number of sieve meshes selected by the sifting screen does not match the size of the sieving material, which means that the screen size required is too small. This will inevitably affect the sifting rate, and an appropriate screen opening size should be selected.

 3. The position of the outlet of the tumbler screen is too high, which will result in that the screened qualified materials cannot be discharged promptly, resulting in accumulation of material on the screen surface. Should adjust to a suitable height.

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