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Vibrating sieve applicable to which industries
Oct 30, 2018

Vibration screen is widely used in coal and other industries, as a material grading, washing, dehydration, disintermediation screening machinery.

Among them, the linear vibrating screen has been widely used for its high production efficiency, good classification effect and convenient maintenance.

In the working process, the dynamic performance of the vibrating screen directly affects the screen efficiency and service life.

The vibrating screen USES the vibration motor to stimulate the vibration source, causes the material to be thrown on the screen net, at the same time makes the linear movement forward, the material from the feeder evenly enters the screen sorter's feed mouth, through the multi-layer sieve net produces several kinds of specification on the screen, under the screen material, respectively from the respective outlet.

Linear vibrating screen (linear sieve) has the advantages of stable and reliable, less consumption, low noise, long life, stable vibration mode and high screening efficiency.

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