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Vibration screen in which industries need to make use of riot motor finishing?
Dec 28, 2018

Vibration screen use of riot motor is a protective measure some industries are required to use the following for you to say that those industries are required to use.

1. Petroleum and petrochemical industry: inflammable and explosive gases and solid substances in the workplace must be explosion-proof motors, so regardless of the characteristics of screened materials, motors must be explosion-proof motors.

This condition is hard condition, if we did not carry out appear a problem, we should assume corresponding responsibility according to contract law!

Vibration screen coal mine, coal preparation industry: the workplace is easy to have gas, so the motor must be marked with coal safety explosion-proof motor;

This condition also hopes not to be vague, because it is difficult to determine the person responsible for a gas explosion in a coal mine.

Medical industry: due to the requirements of medical industry for health standards, some fine powder or solid liquid separation needs to use ultrasonic vibrating screen.

But in the pharmaceutical industry there will be a lot of alcohol flammable objects, gases.

This requires the use of explosion-proof motor to avoid volatile, flammable substances in the pharmaceutical process of harm.

The above is the use of industry analysis hope to help you!

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