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Vibration screen motor leakage how to do?
Oct 15, 2018

As a kind of mechanical equipment cannot be used without power supply, especially the motor in the equipment, which is an important part of the equipment, and also the part that accounts for the highest total cost of the equipment. Therefore, once the leakage of electricity will shorten the service life of the motor, which will seriously cause the operation of the whole equipment.

Today, we will take you to look at the vibration of the vibration machine leakage fault how to do, for the user's reference.


The first possibility of leakage is the reason for the damp of the motor. We all know that once the electrical accessories are wet, it will definitely affect its use effect. The damp motor can be solved by drying and drying.


The second leakage possibility is that the motor power, just like our family use electric equipment, the power switch position is also very important, sometimes with hands touch the power supply, water touch water lead to the power source, the leakage, it is also possible that the power source of the grounding cable and power cable fault occurs, can cause electric leakage, so you must be aware of the usual details.


Third leakage possibility is inside the motor lead wire insulation skin aging, aging lines is the most prone to failure problem, a return to the parcel loom to solve, or to replace a new lead, avoid fire, again on a motor wiring board also should timely and regular cleaning the dust and dirt, too too dirty can also cause the leakage fault.

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