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Week motion synthesis (spiral motion) - square swing screen sales
Mar 12, 2018

Each layer of screen is equipped with a screen anti-plugging cleaning device, and the screening machine is continuously cleaned in the working state to ensure that the mesh is not blocked and the operating cycle is prolonged.

The oscillating screen is a low-frequency rotary vibrating screen that imitates artificial shaking, and its principle is: instantaneous motion is the synthesis of circular motion along the radial direction and the displacement of the axis (spiral motion).

Can adjust the eccentricity of the vibrator has a nonlinear three-dimensional movement, material also have the same approximation manual operation movement, separate so as to achieve the purpose, coupled with sieving attachment can get more ideal screening effect;

Suitable for spherical, cylindrical, flaky, even irregular shape easy to be blocked and need precise screening materials!

Its principle is: the instantaneous motion along the radial displacement and according to the displacement of the shaft circle by using plane rotary principle, obviously improve the distribution state of material, so as to improve the effective utilization rate of screen surface and eventually improve the screening efficiency, reduce the powder content in the finished product material.

Pills to screen classifier is a kind of advanced imitation artificial screening new screening equipment, pill screen solves the existing in the traditional pill screening process cross contamination, low efficiency, the high cost problem, and after sieving pill conform to the requirements of the new standard of GMP, be a good assistant pill screening grading!

It features reasonable design, product detailed introduction > > simple structure, smooth operation, fully closed structure, dust-free dye, prevent hole, the advantages of anti-sticking net, weeks synthesis (spiral motion) - square square swing swing sieve sales screen is widely used in chemical industry, food processing, refractory materials, building materials industries such as screening, especially the hygroscopicity strong, big viscosity, easy to plug holes and sieving the twigs of urea is more apparent.

Swing screen is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and spices, tea, feed, plastics, rubber, chemical fertilizers, sugar, salt, timber, plywood, renewable industry sectors such as the classification and handling of fine materials such as homework.

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The ultrasonic cleaning net, the brush net, ensure that the screen mesh is not blocked, not deformation.

Vibrates the device adopts the plane rotary vibrating screen, off-line automatic cleaning device, compared with the traditional linear sieve, improve the working life of the screen, the noise is small, screening area is large, the efficiency has been increased to 98 from 93 to 95.


1. The special sieve for pellets is suitable for ball, cylindrical, flaky, etc., which can be easily damaged or distorted.

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