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What is the effect of the adhesive on the drum screen
Feb 09, 2018

It is a common cognition of every user to add a certain amount of adhesives to the material processing technology, whether it is roller screen or sieving equipment and other types of screening equipment.

Adhesive is not the main function of the roller screen, but it is also an irreplaceable product. Part of the adhesive function is to increase the polymerization force between the materials. The ultimate goal is to improve the molding effect and improve the effect of screening the ball eggs. The specific functions and advantages have been discussed many times in the previous article, and there are no more details here. Then, is there any disadvantage of using the sieving adhesive? The carbon content of the screening product is reduced, and the reduction of carbon content is mainly reflected in the performance of the later period. In particular, some kinds of adhesives are more obvious.

Constant sharp drum screen has achieved zero pollution, green environmental protection. Such as cement, lime, clay and other inorganic adhesives. Increasing the cost of screening production, as well as the sieve rod machine, the production cost should be considered when the roller screen is pressed to suppress the mineral powder. Generally speaking, the price of adhesive is more expensive than that of pulverized coal. Although the quantity of adhesive is not large, it will also lead to increase of screening cost, especially for some expensive adhesive types. The screening process has become more complex, and we know that the more complex work it is, the more time-consuming and difficult to deal with, and it is also easy to have problems. The process flow, such as the proportion of the adhesive added, and the full mixing of the pulverized coal, and so on, is more complicated than the direct pressing.

Of course, under the current screening technology conditions, like the coal bar machine, the binder molding is still the mainstream trend, and will not be shaken for a long time. Now, the limitation of the screening process without adhesives is quite large, for example, the type requirements of mineral powder and so on. But non adhesive molding is also a direction for the development of technology and technology in the future.

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