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What is the solution that mining vibration screen cannot solve a problem
Dec 21, 2018

Vibrating screen for mining is a kind of material screening equipment, which has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, high efficiency and many layers.Part of the operation during the use of the equipment is fine operation, and inevitably some small problems will occur more or less, such as the failure of unloading the shaker and failure of the material.

Working principle of vibrating screen for mining:

The vibrating screen ACTS on the reciprocating rotating vibration generated by the vibrator in the working process.The rotating weight of the upper part of the vibrator causes the plane vibration of the screen surface.The lower rotational weight causes the screen surface to produce conical rotational vibrations, and the combined effect results in complex surface vibrations.Its vibration trajectory is a complex spatial curve.The curve is a circle projected on a horizontal plane and an ellipse projected on a vertical plane.Adjust the excitation force of the upper and lower rotating weights to change the amplitude.Adjusting the spatial phase Angle of the upper and lower weights can change the curve shape of the screen movement trajectory and change the material movement trajectory on the screen surface.

Therefore, the reasons for failure of vibration screen without cutting or feeding can be summarized as follows:

1. The screen box of the vibrating screen is not kept level with the horizontal plane during the installation process, resulting in a certain degree of deviation of the screen surface and the material cannot be straight.Linear flow, vibrating screen material will not cut off, the material will not go out.

2. The support spring of the screen box is too hard, so that the material is subjected to great excitation force, resulting in violent vibration.

3. The screen is damaged for a long time, resulting in the normal flow of materials on the screen surface.

4. When the vibrating screen is not sent evenly, the material will not be subjected to uniform excitation force, resulting in the normal flow of vibrating screen screen material, will not fall or no material.

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