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What is Vibrating Screen?
Sep 05, 2018


A vibrating screen is a machine to separate different materials. We can find it in:

  • Food industry

  • Mining

  • Recycling

  • Quarries

  • Glass

  • Fertilizers

  • Salt

How is the machine?

The machine is composed of several vibration decks. Each deck has a mesh that rejects the big size lump, letting to pass through this mesh the small fraction. All these decks are contained in a common frame that is vibrating due to the action of a counterweighed drive.

Conminution and screening

All process of conminution (reduction of materials) need vibrating screens. In construction, for the manufacturing of concrete, aggregates are needed. These aggregates in origin were big stones. Crushers are needed to reduce the size of stones. The vibrating screen (under the crusher) separates the big lump to send it again to the crusher and the fines go to final processes. In all the industries the process is similar.

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