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What should be paid attention to before starting the rotary screen?
Nov 14, 2018

Matters needing attention before starting up rotary screen

1. Removal of transportation support frame:

In order to avoid shaking sieve body equipment damage in transit, spin vibration sieve manufacturers in the new production of circular vibrating screen will be installed before delivery three brace device made of flat steel, the user first time requirements must be removed before starting the racks, or spin vibration sieve is dysfunctional, brace installation location has logo, general location near the spring vibration.

2. Check the fastening of rotating screen accessories:

Before the equipment is used, the firmness of components such as vibrating motor, locking ring and damping spring should be carefully checked.Check the fasteners of the vibrating screen. The bolts of the whole machine are fastened in place before leaving the factory. However, users are required to tighten the bolts of the whole machine twice after using for a period of time.If found loose, should be tightened in time.

Details of screw - up screen ring fastening

3. Fixed ground Angle: as the rotating vibrating screen is used for screening through vibrating motor, it will generate high frequency vibration during screening, resulting in the overall movement of the screen. Therefore, the bottom cylinder needs to be fixed in the first use, which can effectively protect the equipment and improve screening efficiency.

4. Tightness of the sieve: the tightness of the sieve mesh is usually installed in place before delivery, but the equipment made by some small manufacturers is hard to say. Users should pay attention to the tightness of the sieve when they first use the rotatory sieve.

The tension state of the rotating vibrating screen

5. Check the running direction of vertical vibration motor: vertical vibration motor is the vibration source of rotary vibrating screen equipment. The rotation direction of vibration motor has certain influence on screening performance.In addition, the user can adjust the vibration motor eccentric block Angle flexibly and change the material screening mode.The user should adjust the eccentric block to the appropriate position according to the material's water content, viscosity and specific gravity.

6. When screening dry materials, hose or canvas cover should be connected with the inlet and outlet devices of circular vibrating screen to prevent potential leakage or dust spillage.

7. Sieving of slurry usually adopts single-layer double-exit rotatory screen, which reaches the center of stable screen through the buffer to reduce pressure and speed, and the supply of slurry should be uniform and adjustable, so as not to affect the screening effect.The reduction and reduction control method of slurry volume is suggested to use the level tank of overflow pipe to buffer through the valve.

8. In case of abnormal sound in the working process of rotary screen, it shall immediately stop the machine for inspection and start up production after troubleshooting.

1.8 meter swing screen real shot

9. After feeding, let the circular sieve powder machine continue to run for about 5 minutes, so that the sieve net and the material under the sieve are all cleared, avoiding the residual material returning to the tide, the sound effect of the next screening, or mixing problems caused by changing the material and number of items.

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