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Why use ultrasonic vibrating screen?
Sep 13, 2018

Purpose of ultrasonic vibrating screen

When we use ordinary vibrating screen equipment, do we have any problem that the screen is always blocked, material cluster, adsorption screen, sticky or some special materials cannot be screened?This is due to the clear network device is used by common vibrating screen using the bounce the ball hit the mesh to achieve clear net effect. But for some high fine material or has a certain viscosity, static material, the proportion of light, bouncing the ball the qing network device is powerless. This requires a fast and efficient and can effectively improve the sieving precision products. This is the design concept of ultrasonic vibration sieve machine.

Ultrasonic vibrating screen machine effect

Using the ultrasonic screening system vibrating screen can realize effective screening of high precision materials, precision can be increased by 100%, yield is also the original screen 1-10 times. And because by the effect of ultrasonic power and ultrasonic transducer, can keep the screen surface an 18 KHZ high frequency and low amplitude of ultrasonic vibration wave, so it can effectively solve the problem of fine material plugging, also can effectively solve the problem such as high adsorption, static electricity, high precision, high density screening problem.

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