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Working Priciple and Structure of Circular Swing Screen
May 29, 2018

Working principle of swing screen:

Swing screen is a new type of high efficiency screening machine specially designed to meet the requirements of high efficiency, high yield, high density and ultra-fine screening.The successful simulation of the machine the effective principle, artificial sieving movement in screening accuracy, efficiency, yield, life of screen mesh, etc are conventional sieve screening equipment such as 5 to 10 times, comply with all range of fine and ultra-fine powder and particle materials, especially suitable for screening of the material.And according to the physical properties of the material, the different screening requirements of customers of independent adjustable parameters such as speed, eccentricity, radial force adjustment, change the material in the screen surface residence time and movement route and the best sieving effect.


Principle of swing screen structure

The basic rotary motion is similar to manual screening.The eccentricity is adjustable from 25 to 40mm, and the low-speed v-belt drive is adjustable from 120 to 360rpm.The residence time of each product can be adjusted in the direction of the driving axis through the radial and tangential angles of the swinging sieve.Therefore, the three-dimensional rolling motion of horizontal and projectile is established.The material is evenly distributed from the center to the outer edge on the entire screen surface, thus propagating in a spiral direction.The fine particles thus complete the entire screening process.The horizontal and vertical accelerations increase with the movement of particles, and the particles close to the size of the sieve hole are separated successfully.Large particles are transported to the exit, which is controlled by an adjustable guide device which is another factor controlling the material's residence time.The process is repeated between each screen layer.

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