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Working principle of rectangular swing screen
Nov 09, 2018

The rectangular swing screen machine adopts cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter and offset block to adjust the amplitude on the structure. The advanced rivet connected assembly frame structure improves the service life of the equipment and reduces the impact force on the foundation with the spring damping device. It is a new type of multi-layer and effective rectangular swing screen.

Next, the editor to take you to understand, I hope to help you.

Swing screen

Overview of rectangular swing screen:

Rectangle and rectangle swing screen machine is designed and manufactured with reference to foreign prototype.

Rectangular swing sieving machine extension

The machine makes use of the operation of the equal-angle triangular eccentric wheel, which makes the material crash repeatedly on the screen surface.

According to the installation of different items, achieve the screen material clean.

Suitable for fine powder metallurgy, fluorescence materials, fine chemicals, color TV powder, rare earth, reflective materials and other fine screening.

Rectangular swing screen

Structural principle of rectangular swing screen classifier:

The machine seat is equilateral triangle. The motor drives the eccentric shaft to reduce speed through the central axle. The eccentric shaft makes the square screen rotate within the radius of the eccentric shaft.

The inner part of the square screen is equipped with a screen frame to hold the material.

Therefore, it is better to screen the bulk material or the material with high precision.

Rectangular swing screen, vibration motor respectively installed on the straight line screen rectangle at the bottom of the screen frame or both sides, through spring or rubber spring rigidity connection produces vibration, adjust the vibration motor and heavy piece of phase Angle, amplitude and exciting force can be increased and, therefore, can be single or multi-layer) any use, in order to achieve the ideal screening effect

The rectangular swing sieving machine is a special type, high precision and fine size sieving equipment designed by our factory on the basis of absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad.

It is completely closed without dust spillage and can work continuously.

High screening accuracy, high efficiency and high utilization rate of screen mesh;

Small size, light weight, fast start, low noise;

Simple operation, convenient maintenance, long screen life;

The direction of the outlet can change freely along the circumference.

Rectangular swing screen

After reading this article, do you think our rectangular swing screen is particularly good?

Yes, it is.

This company produces the rectangular swing screen machine characteristic is obvious, not only the accurate screening item also saves the energy, causes us in the production process or cannot little a mechanical it.

At the same time, it greatly reduces the unnecessary manpower and material resources.

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