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laboratory Slap screen
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Laboratory Slap screen


Slap screen(Slap type standard vibrating screen machine) is also known as Slap type vibrating screen is one of the commonly used detection instruments in the laboratory, the structure is mainly composed of machine base, screen and transmission mechanism and other parts, which is suitable for the inspection of ordinary abrasive particle size composition, production classification of superhard materials and material composition.

Working Principle

Through synchronous belt, the beating screen motor drives the gear change speed to make the spindle rotate; the spindle drives the eccentric wheel to make the skateboard drive the test screen to shake left and right; at the same time, it drives the rod gear to rotate; the beating hammer is pushed against the test screen to screen the materials in the test screen and sample screening.


Grilage part: make a positioning, put it on the pallet, take it as the standard, type 95 screw screw base screw.

Type 200 tighten the top wire on both sides of the tray.

Lubrication part: there are two kinds of manual lubrication and self-starting lubrication.

The upper part of model 95 has 4 oil injection holes, which are used for manual timing oil injection and lubrication of various friction parts.

Automatic lubrication, to inject a certain height of lubricating oil into the base of the machine, when the rotating shaft rotation, to the oil ring lubricating oil to each need lubrication position.

Please pay attention to 9 kg of oil in the seat.

The type 200 has five manual regular oiling stations.

Automatic stop device: it is composed of toggle start, button, intermediate relay and time relay.

Timing how much time relay can be adjusted on the soil key.

Connect the power supply test machine: the line on the electronic control box is connected to the power supply. Before driving, lift the jacking rod under the racquet block to see whether the motor's rotation direction is the same as that of the red head. The jacking rod can be lowered at the same time.

The machine is installed on the horizontal foundation with anchor bolts, installed in accordance with electrical regulations, and grounded by the circuit.

Turn on the power and start up before lifting the jacking rod under the racquet block.

The steering direction of the motor is in line with the direction of the red arrow on the motor to lower the jacking rod.

Do this whenever the machine changes position or power supply.

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